• Common sense: What is a “good” student?

    October 3, 2019 by

    What does is mean to be a “good” student? The meaning of a good student according to Kumishiros Chapter 2 is a student that is filling the criteria of a school board and society.  This specific behaviour of a good student is to set the criteria of what all students should be like. This behaviour… Read more

  • Sex education and the curriculum

    October 1, 2019 by

    As I was searching for a topic fo this paper I came across sex education as one of the topics suggested in our syllabus. I thought it was a great subject to be talked about because it is usually seen as “inappropriate” in the curriculum. I think sex education is important and teens should be… Read more

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Smiths- Curriculum Theory and Practice

In Smiths the “Curriculum Theory and practice” he focuses on curriculum practice which includes the four models of curriculum. The four models are Curriculum as a body of knowledge to be transmitted, curriculum as an attempt to achieve certain ends in students – product, curriculum as a process, curriculum as praxis. Benefits and Drawbacks of … Continue reading Smiths- Curriculum Theory and Practice


How does Kumashiro define ‘commonsense?’  Kumashiro defines ‘commonsense’ in many different ways. He defines and explains how commonsense gives us a sort of comfort in situations. He goes on explaining how commonsense is something that can go from culture to culture. Though it may be common sense here it won’t be common sense somewhere else. … Continue reading Commonsense

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